The teamspirit restart !

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The teamspirit restart ! Empty
MessageSujet: The teamspirit restart !   The teamspirit restart ! Icon_minitimeMer 1 Nov - 13:13

After an attempt at new TEAM alliance with the TEAM sword, the TEAM spirit is reformed for again playing with the principles of true a TEAM full with honesty, mutual aid and good mood. a TEAM which renait of these ashes the such phoenix which is our current national emblem. I reform the TEAM and I says to you welcome with all which survey this forum. Of course all old the spirits is free to return but it will have to answer the questions that I would pose to them in order to test their fidelity with the TEAM like their motivation. If you are not motivated any more it is not worthwhile to make figuration but come to speak a little on the forum from time history about rappeller has everyone which you were. The TEAM thus will be reinstalled on this forum gradually carefully. But what counts is of course to see itself on robostrike to laugh a good blow and to play in team of time to other. Recruitment will take place according to these new principles:
- for old the spirits: you answer some questions of my share to test your motivation in the TEAM and I confirm to you or not your rehabilitation in the TEAM.
- for the S and S (swords and spirits) which wants to return in the TEAM, ask here in this subject. I would say to you so yes or not you are likely to return in the TEAM. And if it is yes I will put to you in probation period of only 15 days. If at the end of this phase you are always motivated and enough credit I will engage you definitively (one spirit day spirit of always;) )
- for all the others which want to return in the TEAM spirit it will be necessary you pass by a long process of integration in the TEAM. If you are motivated and that your candidature is appropriate to me and is appropriate for the TEAM then you will be able to make party of the probation period one month. At the end of this period you will be able to integrate the TEAM. And also after having passed several conditions While proceeding with this way of recruiting the TEAM will be welded more and everyone will know the other better.
The current list is summarized with:
- spirit lyo.
- spirit or.
- spirit js.
- spirit mag.
- spirit fir.
- spirit ueu.

To present a candidature please poster a message in the forum for this purpose. :

if you don't understand anything use this translator :
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The teamspirit restart !
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